Why Loyalty?

B2B Loyalty Schemes

The Sourcer have been working on business to business loyalty schemes for the last decade. Much has changed in the promotional marketing environment in the last 20 years, budgets stretched, more accountability of spend & need to show a return on investment. Loyalty fits here perfectly.

Whether you are incentivising for performing actions or buying products, loyalty offers the opportunity to reward the right people for supporting your business objectives. The likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70%, compared to 5% to 20% for a new one (via Marketing Metrics) so they are worth holding on to.

The days of the paper & gift promotional kits with 10% implementation and huge amounts of wastage seem to be over as clients look to maximise their budgets and support their best customers.

Paper POS is still an important part of the mix and loyalty schemes can help to better profile your customer base so make sure the right people get the right materials, avoiding wastage.

The main benefit of the loyalty scheme is the chance to engage and communicate with your customers all through the year. Once you have their contact details and their ear, you can upsell new products, focus on brands at alternate times & help deliver sales in key periods. The Loyalty CRM also allows telesales, sales force & third party sales to leverage a central incentive platform focusing the customer’s attention.

Every business is different and every scheme should be custom designed to work for the business objectives of the customer & channel.

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