Thesourcer Turns 20!

Thesourcer Turns 20!


New millennium and a new start up, in August 2000 Steve turned the back room of his house into an office to set up the Thesourcer. With a helping hand from his family, and his many years of expertise in the promotional marketing and sourcing industry the business became a success.

“It worked!” notes Steve “A number of projects did take off. Phew! Potential clients took a bit of a risk and gave me business, I was always grateful for that trust. Our first order was from a Client we still work with, 20 years on.”

As we look back on the past 20 years it’s hard to not reflect on the developments we have seen. We have seen mobile phones become increasingly popular, social media grow from its infancy and pop music evolve from Britney Spears & Destiny’s Child to Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. Although (to some of us at least!) 2000 doesn’t feel that long ago a lot has changed…


  • People are now living on the International Space Station
  • The start of the Euro €
  • England won the Rugby World Cup and the Cricket World Cup
  • The iPod, iPad & iPhone
  • Youtube
  • The Large Hadron Collider
  • Black Monday and the Recession
  • The Royal Wedding
  • London 2012 Olympics
  • Brexit


When it comes to Thesourcer….the office has moved 3 times, we’ve expanded the team, brought in new clients and Steve is making the most of his well-earned retirement.


The History of Thesourcer

Evolution of our logo


Time flies when you’re having fun…developing a great business! Here are some of our greatest milestones.


Sourcer Timeline


As we move into the new decade the business hasn’t gone too far from the Norton family now at the head of the business is Steve’s son Paul, who is steering us into the future as we continue to drive and deliver the outstanding service we are known for.

So thank you to our Clients and Customers for supporting us, for your incredible loyalty, and for making us part of your business’ journey all these years.

Here’s to another 20!

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