The New Generation of Compostable Cups

The New Generation of Compostable Cups

Now is the time to change. With many companies turning to eco-friendly product options, single-use cups are becoming a thing of the past. The promotional marketing industry is pathing the way with alternatives like these compostable plastic (PLA) cups.

But why should you choose these cups and not glass or paper?

  1. Traditional plastic glasses can be difficult to recycle
  2. Reusable glasses are not cost effect or practical for large events
  3. Paper cups look better but are usually laminated with single-use plastic

Compostable Cups

The Compostable Cups

So what makes these cups in particular so great?

tickBetter PR

tickGreat pricing

tickBetter availability

tickGreat quality

These cups are:

  • Perfect for big events and festivals
  • Plant-derived meaning that the raw materials is sustainable
  • Plant-based plastic has a 75% smaller CO2 footprint over traditional plastic
  • Cheaper than early PLA cups
  • Stronger, clearer and more flexible that earlier PLA cups
  • Available in a range of different sizes, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20oz
  • Readily available as they are made in the EU



Not only do these cups come in a range of sizes and are sustainable but they also have great branding options such as:

  • Dry offset printing – 6 colours achieving a full colour-like branding
  • Pad Printing up to 4 colours and full CMYK
  • 360 degree printing

*For more information on branding methods take a look at our other blogs here



These cups have some some added benefits:

  • As standard ‘Compostable’ is embossed on the neck of cup, giving your company that added eco-friendly message
  • Some sizes have Print capabilities to the rim


Guide pricing

*Cost subject to change, includes set up and delivery to one UK address ex VAT

These costs and quantities are just a guide price. Lead times for quantities up to 5000 are approximately 3 weeks.

For a more detailed and accurate quote based on your requirements, contact us now! We can tailor the quote to best suit your company’s needs.


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