Taking the steps to promote a bright, sustainable future.


What is our mission?

To promote and support the use of eco-friendly materials by using informative symbols to let you know more about the products we are offering and their environmental impact.

Promoting and using natural and recycled materials, reduces waste, protects the earth’s resources, and reduces emissions. Not to mention, striving for sustainability, allows us to evolve and adapt to meet the continuing challenges to the environment.

Striving to be as honest as we can be when adding these classifications and by avoiding Greenwashing.


Our Eco Symbols – What do they mean?

Updates to follow this year on all the below information.


UK Made

  1. Support world leading UK manufacturing operations
  2. Reduction in transport CO2


EU Made

  1. Reduces CO2 through less transportation of goods vs Far East
  2. EU environmental standards and workers’ rights


Sustainable Materials

  1. Limited negative impact on natural resources
  2. Sustainable resources create fewer stresses on the environment making those materials reliable for the future


Recycled Materials

  1. Using recycled materials is better for the environment vs virgin materials
  2. For example, rPET saves approximately 70%-80% CO2 vs virgin production



  1. These products are produced with materials that can be recycled once used.
  2. Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials


Water Saving

  1. When using these recycled materials, we can save thousands of litres of water, such as recycled polyesters and cotton
  2. For more info on our impact collection go to The Impact Collection
  3. For more info on our impact products got to https://www.thesourcer.com/theimpactcollection2021/


Our Guiding Principles

Please find below more information on what is driving us.

More to follow

We will provide more information this year around the facts, the motive, and no greenwashing to give the best quality information we can. Watch this space for the latest sustainable products and processes.


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