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Screen printing is a technique where ink squeezes through a mesh screen printing an image.  The image that will be printed is created when a stencil made of impermeable material blocks out part of the screen in the negative image of the design. The unblocked positive image is the one that will be printed.

Screen Printing

Print process

The equipment needed for screen printing is:

  • Screen – Made of woven polyester stretched over a frame often made of aluminium.
  • Stencil – Made by covering the negative image with impermeable material.
  • Squeegee – A tool used to dispense and squeeze the ink through the screen.
  • Ink – Needed for printing the desired image onto the product.
  • Screen print bed – Needed to keep the product printed firmly in place.

Screen printing is a branding technique commonly used on textiles but can be used to brand items such as notepads, pens, rulers, lanyards and others. This method also requires a relatively flat surface to ensure that the print is of good quality.

Once the product is selected it is put onto the screen bed and then the screen with the stencil already created is placed on top of the item. The ink is then poured onto the screen and distributed evenly using a squeegee. Many companies now have automated print machines that can complete this step but others may complete this step by hand.

If there are more colours to the design then they will be printed one at a time, with a new screen being created and used for each colour up to the maximum of 4 colours. As each colour is printed separately this makes the method often unsuitable for a logo with a close register.


Benefits of screen printing:

  • Can brand a variety of products.
  • Great for printing one colour, although depending of register can print up to 4.
  • Cost effective.
  • A variety of inks may be used.

There are also a couple of limitations:

  • May not be able to achieve a close register; ideally, this method is great for a one colour print.
  • There is a curing time and this can extent lead times.


A selection of products ideal for Screen Printing:

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Recycled Tote Bag


Bamboo Notebook

Bamboo Notebook


USB Stick

USB Stick



Stress Reliever Cloud

Stress Reliever Cloud




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