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Resin doming also known as epoxy doming or bubble doming is a method for branding promotional items. This method allows suitable items to be branded with a full colour design that has a glossy high quality finish. The most common material used is Polyurethane resin due to it posing no health or safety issues.


Benefits of polyurethane resin:

  • Durable
  • Does not yellow
  • Food safe material



Design or logo is printed full colour onto vinyl or polyester, or another self-adhesive material before being placed on the item. The design is then placed onto the product and resin is the bubbled or domed on top. Once dry this logo will be sealed behind the resin making it durable. Doming is also an inexpensive way to decorate a range of items from keyrings to sweet tins.

Resin Doming

Benefits of this branding:

  • Great for decorating off the shelf items
  • The ability to have full colour designs
  • Can increase the perceived value of the item
  • Durable

Limitations of this branding:

  • The doming sits on top of the label so could be picked off with effort
  • Products that have a recess work really well with doming
  • Only some products are suitable for doming and so this limits the choices of products


A selection of products ideal for Resin Doming:

Trolley Keyring

Trolley Keyring



Sweet Tin


Sweet Tin

USB Stick

USB Stick

Candle in a Tin

Candle Giveaway

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