Chocolate, Sweets and Healthy Treats!

Everybody loves a sweet treat! Promotional Confectionery is a great marketing tool to set yourself apart from other companies. Branded treats will stand out in your customers mind and give them the much needed sugar rush to get through a busy trade show or a meeting.

Take a look at our favourites below…


The classic! Branded chocolate will always be a winner with customers. It’s very versatile and can come in so many different shapes and options; choose from individually wrapped chocolate squares, chocolate beans, hot chocolate, promotional chocolate coins, eggs and baubles at Christmas time – you can even upgrade to premium versions and make a statement with gift boxes and stamped messages.

Our favourite – Neapolitan Chocolate Squares

Available in milk or dark chocolate with the wrapper printed up to full colour this item would add a nice touch to a waiting room table or reception desk, providing a nice, warm welcome. Due to its size it would also be perfect for a postal campaign!


Another extremely popular way to go is branded sweets, they work year round and are ideal for the summer months when chocolate isn’t appropriate. Sweets give you the opportunity to brand the packaging, the sweets themselves and even create custom shapes.

Our favourite – Fruit Atomz

Tasty fruit flavoured Atomz are provided in a flip top plastic case with a full colour label. You pick up to 2 of their delicious 11 flavours to match your brand.

Healthy Treats

With so much concern over the amount of sugar we are consuming it may be worth looking at healthy alternatives for your promotions. Sugar free, low calorie and organic options are all available for the health conscious promotion.

Our favourite – Organic Fruit Mix

A healthy mix of cranberries, apple bits and sour cherries in a branded bag, a perfect healthy snack!

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