Printing Processes

In the last decade printing has come a long way, like an alternate version of the Brexit negotiations. Here at Thesourcer we keep our eye out for the latest techniques to make sure we are offering the latest and best. Plus allows us to write super interesting blogs about them. Hold onto your hats!!

Screen Printing.

Where it all began, from banners to Banksy, still a popular way to print. Essentially stencil based printing. Create your printing screen (stencil) then lay the paint / ink over the stencil to lay colour onto the material.

Still used for t-shirt printing to achieve the best quality and longevity for branding. Historically used for large format printing, however developments in Digital technology have made this process as out of date as a cassette player.

For an informative video showing the magic of screen printing check this out

Lithographic Printing.

A development of screen printing, like going from Steam Engine to a Bullet Train, allowing fast and efficient printing to paper. The lithographic machine has 4 x screens stations, so after splitting your artwork into Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black (CMYK), it then lays each colour separately on the paper to produce full colour prints. Plus with the option to add extra spot colours and finishing detail … Did you stay awake for that bit?

Still extremely popular for printing large runs of printed material, like all the flyers that fall out of your free paper at the weekend. Cost effective and quick!

I could reward you with an easy to digest satisfying video showing paper flying out of a machine at the speed of the Star Ship Enterprise. But have this informative one instead.

Pad / Tampo Printing.

See our equally exciting blog on pad printing here

How can I explain it in in laymen’s terms … a very technical ink stamp.

A screen is produced, then the ink is picked up from the screen by the pad, then dropped onto the item. Don’t get it? Check out this super exciting video for an in depth look into the soul of a pad printer


Digital Printing.

Quite literally the future of everything, digital has also entered the print world. Like Marty Mcfly’s hover board, it has changed the way we think about the future (of printing).

Ever developing and finding ways to print to new shapes and surfaces, gone are the days of the wet sheet coming out your printer and staining your fingers & clothes.

Popular now for paper. The go to print for low runs and targeted mailers, allowing every single print to be different so hold personal information and make the recipient feel like they are the special people they are.

Then on Promotional Products allowing customers to supply simple low res JPEG images and print them to products without the need for redrawing vector files! Plus get full colour logos onto items that are usually restricted to 1cl printing.

3D Printing.

We are well and truly stepping into the future now, like seeing a T1000 shape his arm into a stabbing weapon in the 80’s, 3D printing holds the key to all of sampling and product design needs. From architecture to new shoes, 3D printing allows you to make … anything. Plain or in colour, it has changed the way we design and prototype products and found a new way for us to use more plastic!
To see how much we love plastic check out our blog here.

To see one at work is a truly incredible and satisfying thing, like seeing a space shuttle launch, a drone bike, or a robot trying to awkwardly walk like a human …

Other Printing.

I could go on but to be fair you’ve done very well to make it this far. So here is a modern world bitesize list your brain can consume to finish us off …

  • Transfer Printing (iron on prints)
  • Ink Jet (1990s)
  • Rotogravure (Newspaper printing)
  • Laser Engraving (like Tron)

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