Pad Printing

Sourcer Insight – Pad Printing

Pad printing is a technical term for one of the most popular ways of customising promotional products. It essentially involves taking a big rubber stamp and stamping the product with your logo similar to those you would find at a craft store but on a much larger scale! The differing shapes and sizes in the pads allow a wide range of products to be customised.

To create your custom logo a metal or plastic plate is etched with your design, this is then filled with the ink colour of your choice. The pad printing machine holds everything steady and presses the pad into the ink plate, the pad is then pressed onto the item and left to air dry. This is repeated until the order is complete…simple!

It may seem like this method can only be used for a single colour image, however as the ink dries so quickly colours can be printed on top of each other- of course this depends on the item- take a look at this in the video below. Pad printing is perfect for hard materials made from plastic and glass, but is also an option for fabric and leather.

We would use Pad printing to apply your small or intricate designs to a range of suitable items. There are other methods for branding, look out for more information on these coming soon!

If you would like to see your logo loud and proud on a promotional product contact us today.