Jog Through January

Jogging Through January

Now all the mince pies have been eaten, all the presents have been opened and all the cheers have been celebrated, have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution? What about jogging through January?

Getting fit and healthy is always popular this time of year. After all the indulgence through December, a clean and healthy January is often many peoples resolution.

So why not make it easier for your customers or employees this new year and brand some fitness items to help them jog (cycle/walk) through January.


Drinkware – An Essential Item.

It is estimated that around 60% of our body is made up of water (source: so it is important for our health and fitness to drink enough water to stay hydrated. It’s not just important for the body but also for the brain. Here are some popular water bottles that can be branded with your company logo.



Smartphone Accessories

Whether it is listening to music, or having that bit of security, smartphone accessories can be useful when it comes to fitness.

Take this arm strap for example which sits on the upper arm keeping it out of the way but to hand when needed. Adjustable, hard wearing and lightweight.

phone arm band

Bluetooth Earphones – Are a Great Alternative to Wired. 

There’s nothing worse than working out with earphones that have wires which get in the way. These earphones are compact, useful and have up to 3 hours of listening time with a single charge.

bluetooth earphones

Bicycle Phone Holder – For The Keen Cyclists.

Over 40,000 employers across the country are involved in the Cycle to Work scheme which has contributed to helping more than 1.6 million commuters cycle to work (source: The scheme is also a great way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Bicycle accessories like this phone holder can be a welcomed gift.

bicycle phone holder

Activity Trackers

Incorporating tech with fitness is no new trend. One popular item is activity trackers. Some come with apps so you can keep track of your progress.

activity tracker

Fitness Kits and Sports Equipment.

Give fitness kits or sports equipment. There are many positive outcomes that can come with gifting sports equipment to your employees. It can…

  • Encourage people to exercise together as they already have the same resources.
  • Increase team bonding.
  • Reduce stress as exercise can help increase chemicals that help control the brains response to stress.

This can lead to a more productive and motivated workforce.

fitness equipment


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