GDPR Ready

It’s here! GDPR is now actionable by law and businesses across the UK have spent the last few months/years getting their processes finalised to ensure compliance.


The step change in how we approach customer data moving forward is only a good thing for me and you as a consumer. Less “Junk” mail and more control over who holds our data and uses it.

We’ve all had countless e-mails asking us to opt in. So many will be ignored, it will force companies to get creative with their marketing and sign ups.

Data Analysis & Storage has changed so much in a short space of time and it is inevitable that consumers need more protection.

I’m from a time when my Super Nintendo Entertainment System boasted 16Bit of memory and had a processing speed of 3.58mhz. The latest consumer processors are now 1,000 times faster and the availability and access to data mean complex analysis and amalgamation is now common placed to deliver business objectives.

Plus with our online lives, internet banking, digital currency and more, it is only a good thing companies are being forced to look into what they hold and how they hold our information.


As a business it’s been a useful process of reviewing activities, security, storage and policies. This, like our commitment to ISO9001, allows us to take a step back and really think about how things work.

Here at Thesourcer we have been working hard to get our compliance documentation ready. Our new Privacy Policy is now online and our internal recording systems are all up to date.

For us it’s been a fairly simple process, however for larger and more complex businesses the change is dramatic and highly challenging.

The scare tactics employed by some businesses to help sell “added value” services that are over the top and unnecessary will eventually turn people away from them. GDPR is fully navigable by each business as long as they free up the time to do so – admittedly an unattractive offering.


We have also taken time to make sure promotions we run are compliant. Protecting our customers and the data shared from their customers.

For advice on how we can help create your next compliant promotion, just let us know.

Moving Forward

We look forward to hearing of the good this regulation does for businesses and consumers across the EU and will share anything interesting on our blog and Twitter feed.

Good luck all!