Festival and Event Merchandise

Festival and Event Merchandise

This year there are a handful of festivals and events that are getting ready to take place this summer. With the country beginning to ease out of lockdown, many of us are looking forward to hopefully having a more enjoyable summer. For a more detailed list on the festivals that are currently taking place across the country click here.

With this in mind and life beginning to take the shape of something more familiar. We have decided to put together this blog of items that are perfect for branding ready for the festival season.


Hygiene and Sun Protection

Protect your Customers from the elements this summer with hygiene items and sun care products.

The Versatoob is a multifunctional item, with the ability to be a face covering, head band, hair tidy and more. They can be branded all over in full colour, great for even the most intricate of branding designs.

We predict hygiene products will still be popular and a necessity for any festival goer this year. We can brand hand sanitiser or wipes, as well as a range of items that have antimicrobial coating.

But don’t forget about the sun. Sunglasses, bucket hats, caps and more can be branded, and are an easy way to increase your brand visibility at festivals.

bucket hat



Bucket Hat

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hand sanitiser


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Antibacterial wipesAntibacterial Wipes

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The Perfect Festival Giveaway Items

We all know someone that will definitely forget a toothbrush or need that extra pair of socks. So why not brand some! You can brand these with your company logo and the best part is these items and more likely to be kept and used year after year. From budget to premium we can find the perfect giveaway items for you!



Bamboo Toothbrush

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festival bracelet

Festival Bracelet

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phone wallet

Phone Wallet

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Tote Bag

Tote Bags

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Equip the Eco Conscious

The world has been through a true rough patch in 2020. So for those wanting to give some love back to the world and be more eco conscious. We can source eco-friendly alternative to the traditional giveaway items such as these lip balms and sunglasses.

Eco lip balm and Suncare SPF 30 Face and lip stick – Packaging includes no plastic so can be composted. Both products can be branded by a full colour printed label.

These sunglasses are made of wheat straw and bamboo and are an alternative to the standard plastic. Available in a few different colours with a few branding options. They are certainly an item that will be kept.


eco lip balm

Eco Lip Balm

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sun and face stick


Suncare SPF 30 Stick

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Bamboo and Wheatstraw Sunglasses

Bamboo and Wheat Straw Sunglasses

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Relax and Enjoy the Festival

Create a comfy area at any event with branded seating, banners and more. Let you Customers and Clients relax and enjoy the music with the best quality event space items.


deck chair

Deck Chair

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bean bag chair


Bean Bag Chair

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director chair

Director Style Chair

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Protection from the British Weather

We know how unpredictable the great British weather can be. With a large branding area you can get creative with your design. Great items that will used again, maybe for those sunny beach days or chilly autumn evenings.


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fleece blanket



Fleece Blankets

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Be the best at the fest! We can brand the very best festival and event items for your brand and budget. So contact us today!


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