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Engraving is a branding method where tools or machinery are used to carve designs into items. This method is a precise and permanent form of branding often used to decorate metal, wood and glass items. There are three main forms of engraving: laser, hand and diamond engraving. Each have their benefits and their limitations.


Laser Engraving

This is the most common method and is created by using a computer controlled laser. This technique is great for using on a range of items from steel to leather to glass because of the versatile nature of the laser.


Benefits of this branding:

  • Durable
  • Permanent
  • Great to use to brand a variety of materials because it doesn’t need curing time
  • Usually a quicker method than branding by hand

Diamond Engraving

This method is achieved by using a machine that creates grooves in products. Thus, the machinery allows designs to be 100% replicated. This method is great for using on a wide range of metalised products from pens to tankards because of it’s accuracy.


Benefits of this branding:

  • 100% replication
  • Offers the same benefits as laser engraving because it uses a machine


Limitations of Laser and Diamond Engraving:

  • Not suitable for plastic
  • Can be more expensive than other branding methods
  • It is often very difficult to engrave larger items

Hand Engraving

This is a traditional method for branding and one that is good for personalising low quantity items. Sharp tools are used by hand to create cuts and grooves to the desired design. Hand engraving is a great method for branding one item that needs a quick turnaround, for instance when a trophy is needed to be engraved with the winners name.

Hand Engraving

Benefits of this branding:

  • Great for personalising items
  • Traditional craft – method has been developed over many years honing the craft to achieve great detail and improve accuracy
  • Also perfect for personalising small items, such as pens

Limitations of this branding:

  • Can be time consuming
  • Accuracy is based on human skill, there is room for human error


A selection of products ideal for Engraving:

USB Stick


USB Stick

Light Up Logo Torch

Light Up Torch


Solar Powered Powerbank


Light Up Powerbank


Vacuum Insulated Bottle


Chilly Bottle

Parker Pen

Parker Pen

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