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Embroidery is a branding technique commonly used to brand items made of fabric such as corporate clothing and may other textile items. This branding technique requires threads used by an industrial sewing machine to sew logos onto items.



  • Logos and designs are first digitised using software. Converting the design into stitches.
  • A swatch is then produced using a piece of material the same/similar to the finished item and the logo/design is stitched on.
  • The swatch is then sent or photographed and shown to the customer for their approval before the rest of the items are embroidered.
  • Once approved, the item is ready to be embroidered, backing material is added to stabilise the stitches and the item is placed into an embroidery frame.
  • After the item is branded with a stitched logo/design the backing is removed and it goes through the finishing stage. A stage where all the loose threads are removed.
  • The last stage involves steaming, to ensure all items are free from creases made by the embroidery machine.


3D Embroidery

2D or flat embroidery designs are often the most common, as 3D embroidery also known as Raised-etched embroidery can take a lot of stitching. However, it is an added effective way of branding specific items. It creates a bold 3D look, raising the logo and making it stand out.


Benefits of this branding:

  • Long lasting
  • Gives the impression the item is of higher value
  • A unique and quality method

Limitations of this branding:

  • Area wanted for embroidering may not be accessible. Access varies from item to item
  • Fine details maybe lost in the digitising process
  • Raised-etched embroidery is often only suitable for simpler designs onto specific items such as jackets, caps and bags

A selection of products ideal for Embroidering:

Polo Shirt

Polo shirt











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