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Embossing (or debossing) creates a three dimensional design using heat and pressure. This creates a raised or impressed design onto materials such as leather, paper and rubber.Embossing


A combination of heat and pressure is needed to create the design as well as a metal die. The die is shaped as a mirror image of the desired final branding. The die is then put into a machine; heat and pressure are then used to push the die into the material creating a permanent design.


Benefits of this branding:

  • High quality, permanent method
  • Offers subtle branding due to the limited amount of colours that can be used (primarily only available for one colour logos)
  • Great for branding items with small logos

Limitations of this branding:

  • Not suitable for large branding needs due to the difficulty in creating even heat and pressure over a large surface area
  • Not suitable for intricate designs as details can be lost
  • Lead times can be longer, due to the time taken to make the die

A selection of products ideal for Embossing

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskin notebook

A4 Portfolio Folder


Laptop Briefcase

Laptop Briefcase


Business Cards




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