Eco Product Feature

The Senator Nature Plus

We are keeping a look out for the latest and greatest products. Here’s a new Eco Pen from a well-known German pen manufacturer.

Manufactured from bio-degradable material and has the best carbon footprint of any European pen. Produced using sugar cane and designed to breakdown naturally in your garden compost, once the ink and spring have been removed. This fantastic Eco pen ticks all the boxes for your next green promotion.

Supplied as singles

Nature Plus, with Black ink as standard. Pricing show based on producing with a single colour logo.

500 @ £0.69 per unit
1,000 @ £0.61 per unit
2,500 @ £0.55 per unit

Prices include set up and delivery, ex VAT


Or available with a seeded pen pouch

The ultimate Eco pen add on. Supply your pen in this seeded paper sleeve. Once you have digested the information simply put in a plant pot, add water and watch the flowers grow.

500 @ £2.97 each – other pricing in request.

Price ex VAT

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