Custom POS, Packaging and Logistics

Custom POS, Packaging and Logistics – End-to-end Solution!


Here at Thesourcer we do much more than just find the best merchandise to support your brand. We have great experience with a range of services, like custom POS, packaging and logistics. All of these services we can combine to deliver complex projects.

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Covid-19 and lockdown has created some unexpected obstacles for us this year. Like all businesses we have been navigating these challenging times with our customers. From activating POS & Promotions to handling logistics, we’ve done our best deliver a smooth end to end service. Highlighted below are some of the services we can help with …


Custom POS

From beer mats to banners, floor mats, posters, wobblers and much more, we can assist in providing a full range of outdoor and indoor POS materials. From ideas to design to production, we can help at every step or work with your supply chain, we are flexible!



Packaging & Display

We bring your products to life with custom packaging and display materials. Designing and producing top quality bespoke sales materials to help support product launches and activity.

Display Display 



There are plenty of ways to help reduce your environmental impact through the use of recyclable and recycled materials / inks and packaging. We have a range of solutions, contact us today for more information.


Logistics & DM

We pack and deliver to the UK, EU and the rest of the world. Let us help you make this process as easy as possible with our network of handling and logistical services.




A smooth service to deliver you projects from concepts and ideas through to delivery. Utilise our experienced project management team to complete your production and logistical requirements.

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