The Benefits of Cork Products

 We love to promote environmentally friendly materials which is why we are currently obsessed with cork products!

Why is cork environmentally friendly?

Since cork biodegrades completely, it can be recycled easily without leaving toxic residue. The process of producing cork does not harm any trees, making it even more impressive. The structure of cork makes this material extremely lightweight and easy to carry round. Some of the best reasons to use cork is that it’s environmentally friendly, sustainable and easily recyclable.


A few fun facts…

If you ever wondered how cork came to exist, let us explain. Cork is a 100% organic and made from the bark on trees. Cork is most commonly known as a wine stopper. Not many know it’s other historic uses. The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used cork for footwear, fishing floats, nets and ships. Villagers also used cork to construct homes because it was insulating.


What are the benefits to Cork Products?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Versatility And Diversity
  • Lightweight


A few of our favourite cork products…


Lidan glass tumbler –

This snazzy drinking cup is perfect for branding your business and drinking on the go. Borosilicate glass makes the tumbler 100% durable and high quality.


Wireless charging pad –

A lifeline for your phone and a great way to brand your business is this bamboo charging pad.

Bluetooth speaker –

A quality sound and eco friendly product – What more could you want? Guaranteed to make your business look and feel high end

If you love cork as much as we do why have a look through our merch site and brand your Business with our great selection of cork products

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