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Do you have a sweet tooth? Because we have the perfect promotional confectionery catalogue for you.

Confectionery itself is a huge industry with us brits being big lovers of a sweet treat. So, it comes as no surprise that confectionery has become a growing and effective way of promoting a business, because who doesn’t love a packet of gummy bears?

Gummy Bear

Organic gummy bears without gelatine.

You can find more allergen, vegan and gluten free organic gummy bears ready to brand on page 12 of our new catalogue.

And we know that catering to everyone can be difficult to achieve so we have that covered too within our catalogue. Each page and product clearly and simply states whether the product is Allergen free, Gluten free, Vegan, Veggie, Sugar free or Organic. This way you don’t have to stress.

Sweet Pot Sweet pot 2 Bio Brand Sweet

Bio Brand come in a range of small and medium tubs.

We also understand how import eco-friendly and biodegradable products are to your business. Bio Brand products are made from renewable raw materials and are 100% compostable.

So make sure you check out our range of Bio Brand products within our confectionery catalogue.


Completely customise your confectionery?

No problem! Look no further, because our catalogue has that covered, showcasing a wide range of plastic tubs, jars, bags, packets and cones. You can fill up your chosen container with confectionery of your choice and colour and really show off your brand. Check out pages 16 onwards for more information or contact us here at The Sourcer for help.

Sweet assortmentsCustomisable sweet assortments, choice of both container and content.

Be ahead of the game and browse our new The Sourcer.com confectionery catalogue here and let us sweeten up your day and your brand.

Don’t forget you can find all these items and more on our merchandise site so why not check it out here and find the perfect product for your brand.