Christmas Promo Ideas 2019: Ideas to Inspire

Christmas promo

Christmas is a huge holiday for many consumers. The hype of the festive season is the perfect time to brand festive products with your company logo.

Why Brand for Christmas?

It is after all the season for giving so why not try giving some high quality products to your customers or colleagues. Giving such gifts can…

Christmas Branding

When it comes to branding it is important to pick the right products to send the correct message.

Ideas to inspire

Deck the Halls…

Decorations are a way of maximising visibility. Festive items from baubles to stockings can be branded with your company logo.

Christmas Decorations

We can help you find items such as these that can be used each year making them a cost effective way of showing off your brand or message.

Oh! the Novelty!

The more festive the better right?

Novelty items are popular during the festive season. They are great for decorating someone’s desk or giving to colleagues during Christmas parties or events.


Here at The Sourcer we can help you brand these inexpensive but likable items ready for the festive season.

A Sweet Treat…

What is Christmas without some festive treats?

Most people have a sweet tooth, so we can help you brand some confectionery and let your customers or colleagues enjoy a sweet feast.


Eco Ideas – For a Greener Christmas…

These types of products show your brand cares by acknowledging the impact certain materials are having on the environment. Here are some products that are great for promoting a greener company and Christmas.

eco christmas items

I wish it could be Christmas every day…

With gifts like these, it won’t be Christmas every day but your brand can be on someone’s desk, kept, visible and used every day.

Christmas gifts

The Sourcer can help you brand a range of these likable gifts ready for the festive season.

to get you in the christmas spirit

Festive Fun…

Image result for christmas puns      christmas jokes       Christmas

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Merry christmas from the sourcer