The Classic Branded Pen

When it comes to promotional merchandise, finding an item that a customer will keep, that’s useful and looks great with you branding is always the challenge. The pen fills this gap beautifully and even with the technological revolution, pens are still as popular as ever!

In a recent poll of marketers, when asked what makes the perfect promotional gift, 50% said that “Usefulness” was the most important factor.

The pen tops the charts every year as the most popular promotional product. So manufacturers are always coming up with ways to improve and revolutionise the common pen …

Being Unique

Companies want their brand to be uniquely represented on a quality pen that their customers will use, within their budget.

More and More Materials

There so many different types of pen, some of the latest innovations include:

Soft Touch finish – like Thesourcer pens!

Soft touch

Textured finishes including sand, dots, felt and lots of other styles.

Textured Pen

Metal finishes including the popular rose gold

Rose Gold pen

Chrome pieces to make a plastic pen feel more premium and tactile

Chrome Pen

Plus much more!

Branding Revolution

The days of 1cl printed pens are ending, as with new machinery digital multiple colour printing is becoming more accessible, allowing us to apply complicated designs to pens to give them that unique feeling.

Not to mention; laser engraving, mirror laser engraving, printing to multiple positions, personalisation and more.


What Can I Attach

Bottle openers, Highlighters, USB sticks, phone holders, stylus nibs, plastic branded patches, key rings, rulers, pull out banners, post it tags … there are lots of options to fit your branding message.

Pen torch USB


Quality vs Price

Pens are one of those products you very much get what you pay for. However Thesourcer have a great experience of finding thing right items to match your brand and budget. There are some good middle ground pens out there, we can help guide you to the perfect finish.

Contact us today to start your journey to your perfect pen!