Blogging is the business.

Blogging is the business.

Blogging has grown in popularity since the 90’s. Blogging first began as a way for people to express their personal opinions and share them with others online. Today, Blogging is now far more than just a diary for the modern age, it is an important business and important for business.

Blogging is increasing becoming a very useful influential tool if used in the correct way. Here are a few points to consider when blogging.



Blogging is a great way to engage with people and customers. To maximise engagement a blog needs to have personality. No-one wants a 1000 word blog with a formal tone.

In 2018, 43% of people skim read blog posts (source: constant content) so keep it short and interesting with simple, clear and friendly language.

Keep blogs updated and relevant. People want to see that the website is alive and thriving. A stagnant blog can reflect stagnant business. Keep it alive and human, after all blogs are run by humans for humans.


Improves SEO

Blogging is a simple way to expand SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization). Blogs can maximise SEO by adding features such as links, hashtags, pictures and videos. Increasing SEO is important as this is the function that drives more traffic to the site, which for a business could mean an increase in customer traffic.

In 2018, blogs were seen as a key part of a website and increased their ranking in the top of search engines by 434% (source: constant content).

As the modern age is increasingly more tech savvy, ensure your blog is mobile friendly, so you can catch those people who are on-the-go.


Doesn’t cost anything but time.

One other huge perk of blogging is that it is virtually costless. The only thing it costs is time. Many blog posts can take several hours to perfect. However, shorter and simpler blog posts can make this process less time consuming.


The bottom line.

All the hard work and time in creating and updating a blog is most definitely worth it. Blogging is a cheap, easy and great way to engage, promote and attract visitors or customers to your website.


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