Antimicrobial Tumbler

Antimicrobial Tumbler

antimicrobial tumbler


The current situation in the UK is still causing concerns and has begun to encourage a more hygienic way of life, now is the perfect time to introduce these new Antimicrobial tumblers. These tumblers have an extra layer of protection.


What makes them so special?

This tumbler contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology. Antimicrobial is an agent that will reduce or destroy the presence of microbes such as bacteria and mould.

This type of technology provides many benefits such as:

  • Protection against the growth of harmful bacteria on the surface of the cup
  • Helps to keep surfaces clean and hygienic
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Effective for the lifetime of the product

Biomaster Diagram

Is Biomaster antimicrobial technology safe?

Completely. Biomaster is based on silver ion technology, recognised for centuries as having no harmful effects. (Source:

Biomaster also does not affect the products:

  • Function
  • Decoration options
  • Smell and taste
  • The end-of-life recycling option


antimicrobial tumbler


Other features of this cup include:

  • A double wall, that keeps your drink well insulated and hotter for longer
  • Capacity of 350ml of a hot (or cold) drink
  • Can be printed up to a max of four colours, with the option for the print to be wrapped around the cup to really showcase your brand
  • 99% PP Plastic and 1% Antibacterial additive
  • Made in the UK!

So why not treat your Customers or Employees to something handy and unique during these times! 


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