Antibacterial Pens

Antibacterial Pens

We have a great new range of antibacterial pens. Using the natural antimicrobial properties of silver ions, this innovative pen is a great hygienic item for any office. Additionally, these pens have Eco-friendly credentials as they are manufactured in Germany through climate neutral production with green electricity.

There is also the option for these pens to be packed into individual customised cardboard wallets, limiting the use of single use plastics.

Pen options:

Super Hit

Super hit


  • Durable design as well as a long-lasting print
  • Can be printed on both the barrel and the clip
  • Antibacterial surface
  • Classic design





  • Available in a range of different colours (under the clip)
  • Long-lasting print
  • Can be printed on both the barrel and the clip
  • Antibacterial surface




  • Curved clip design
  • Durable
  • Antibacterial surface
  • Can be printed on both the barrel and clip


Line of defence

Line of defence


  1. Surface of the pen with antibacterial material
  2. Germs settle on the surface of the pen
  3. Germs cannot survive on the surface

This material can reduce germs up to 99.9% which makes it suitable for everyday use and effective at all times.



What is carbon neutral production?

Climate neutral means all unavoidable carbon emissions created during production have been calculated and offset via a certified carbon offset project.

What is so special about this material?

These pens are made from plastic enriched with silver compounds. The silver ions are great at interrupting bacterial cells which then ends up killing that bacteria. Silver ions also interrupt other microbes such as viruses and fungi.

How effective is this material?

The silver ions start to attack bacterial instantly, leaving the pens surface up to 99.9% free of bacteria within 24 hours.

Is the print affected?

Normal ink is still used and the print is unaffected, making it still durable and long-lasting on this material.


All items are certified according to ISO 9001/14001/22196. Certificate available on request. 


Is this product the ideal one for your company?

Contact us today and we can help you brand this innovative and uniquely designed pen.


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