40 years of Rubik’s

40 Years of Rubik’s

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Old time classic, the Rubik’s Cube, a statement piece in many peoples childhood toy box is turning 40 years old. A great milestone for something that was a movable art piece for students in architecture (source: Rubik’s.com). So how did the this cube find its way into every child’s toy box?

It’s inventor Ernõ Rubik began to realise its potential and started exhibiting it at international toy fairs.

In 1979 the puzzle was spotted my toy specialist Tom Kremer (source: Rubiks.com) who negotiated and signed a worldwide distribution license. New puzzles were released similar to the Rubik’s cube that were also popular.

From then on, the Rubik’s cube grew in popularity becoming a well-known puzzle and holding a permanent position in pop culture through most of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. The Rubik’s cube was featuring in many films, music videos, artwork pieces as well as having championships and being part of exhibitions.

Today the Rubik’s Cube is retro, recognisable and made of recycled plastic. So it came as no surprise when this puzzle found its way into the Promotional Merchandise industry.


Branding the Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s now has a selection of products that are able to be branded for corporate purposes such as promotions.

They offer products such as the original cube that can be fully customised, as well as:


2x2 cube

2×2 Cube

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Rubik charging cableCharging Cable

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rubik Powerbank


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rubik speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

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rubiks cubeKeyring

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original rubik cube

Original Cube

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For more than 20 years, Rubik’s has been committed to sustainability. That is why all their products are now made of Recycled ABS and manufactured from material that is 4-times recycled.

This iconic brand has produced a recognisable, unique and fun way to get your brand out there. With their dedication to the importance of caring for the environment by using recycled plastic, this message can be a positive one for your company.


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